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test the candidate’s ability to identify HPE sales opportunities from the edge to the cloud.

Exam ID: HPE2-E75
Exam type: Web-based
Exam duration: 45 minutes
Exam length: 30 questions
Passing score:70%
Delivery language: English


  • Trends impacting customers
  • How HPE is addressing these trends
  • How HPE is delivering as-a-service solutions
  • Expanding HPE infrastructure into midmarket and enterprise

Successfully passing the HPE2-E75 exam will earn HPE Sales Certified. HPE Sales Certified is a complete certification that is necessary for getting the Introduction to Selling HPE Products, Solutions, and Services certification.

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HP HPE2-E75 Free Dumps Practice Questions [2022]

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Which customer need is often associated with Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

A. the need for a more cost-effective way for employees to access applications.
B. the need for a faster way to deploy virtual machines (VMs)
C. the need for an on-demand model for scaling big data storage
D. the need for faster delivery of development environments for cloud-native app

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: https://www.hpe.com/emea_europe/en/what-is/paas.html


Which customer would be a good candidate for HPE Flexible Capacity?

A. a company that does not think pay-as-you-go funding options ultimately benefit companies and that wants to maintain a CAPEX model
B. a company that is purchasing some services in the public cloud but is concerned about public cloud security
C. a small company that wants to move from a small on-premises network to public cloud
D. a company that recently updated its data center and anticipates no further updates for at least a year

Correct Answer: B


What is one reason businesses choose the public cloud?

A. Public cloud offers more control over IT resources than other cloud models.
B. Public cloud eliminates the need for onsite capital equipment or IT support.
C. Public cloud offers the ability to move workloads on-premises and off-premises as needed.
D. Public cloud is considered the least risky option in terms of data sovereignty and security.

Correct Answer: B


Which domains are part of the HPE strategy? (Select two )

A. Commercial Lot
B. Intelligent Edge
C. Branch Office and Campus Networking
D. Wide AreaNetworking
E. Machine Learning
F. Hybrid IT

Correct Answer: BF


What is one way that HPE makes Hybrid IT simple?

A. by replacing the customer\\’s mix of public and private cloud services with a one-size-fits-all HPE-managed cloud
B. by delivering the right mix of consumption models, platforms, and processes for the customer\\’s unique needs
C. by providing Composable Infrastructure resources that are over-provisioned for the application to which they are dedicated
D. by eliminating cloud systems and moving customers to the reliable traditional IT infrastructure they need

Correct Answer: B

Reference: http://hpe-spotlight.at/pdf/talks2018/3ZS_Six.pdf


In talking to your customers, what would suggest an HPE Hybrid IT opportunity?

A. The customer wants to know if better collaboration tools will improve employee productivity.
B. The customer is interested in updating their wired and wireless network to include a unified management solution.
C. The customer wants to implement user-based access to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access.
D. The customer has been trying to automate their infrastructure but is seeing few results.

Correct Answer: D


Which business sector is an ideal target for HPE intelligent Edge solutions that help to transform the customer experience?

A. government
B. manufacturing
C. shipping
D. hospitality

Correct Answer: B


Which customer initiative suggests an opportunity to discuss HPE solutions for location-based mobile services?

A. providing disaster recovery for a site
B. increasing database efficiency
C. driving customer engagement
D. implementing IoT

Correct Answer: C


You have identified a potential hybrid prospect. In your next conversation, you learn that the customer has just started to virtualize the data center. Which desired business outcome indicates that the customer is a good prospect for a services-led effort to consolidate, virtualize, and modernize the data center?

A. an emphasis on improving the employee experience with a more modern network solution
B. the desire for a private cloud solution that integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
C. the need for a container as a service (CaaS) solution that integrates with Docker
D. a focus on optimizing the data center to increase efficiency and lower costs

Correct Answer: D


Which comment indicates a customer could benefit from an HPE Intelligent Workspace solution?

A. “We have implemented an open floor plan and collaboration tools but are not seeing the expected results.”
B. “We want to enhance our mobile applications in order to provide special offers to our best customers.”
C. “We are placing limits on the use of employees\\’ personal devices in the workplace.”
D. “We cannot keep up with the number of requests for guests to join our network.”

Correct Answer: A


Which type of digital disruption technology is so essential to real-time decision-making that it is expected to support all loT efforts within the next few years?

A. composable infrastructure
B. virtual reality
C. augmented reality
D. artificial intelligence

Correct Answer: D


You have identified a potential hybrid IT prospect. In your next conversation, you learn that the customer has just started to virtualize the data center. The customer wants to make the data center more agile with private cloud services. Which approach should you take with this customer?

A. Take a services-led approach to transform the customer data environment with cloud storage solutions.
B. Qualify the customer for an HPE private cloud solution built on hyper-converged infrastructure.
C. Qualify the customer for HPE Intelligent Edge because the customer is not yet ready for a hybrid IT solution.
D. Take a services-led approach to transform the customer data center into a fully software-defined infrastructure.

Correct Answer: D


Why is it important to meet with other influential decision-makers in a company?

A. It allows you to present technical information about products to executives outside of IT.
B. Your credibility increases when you are able to converse effectively with leaders in business, finance, and technical roles.
C. Because most companies are moving from an OPEX to a CAPEX funding model, top executives need to approve large purchases associated with IT projects.
D. As more companies move to the public cloud, the IT manager role is no longer involved in IT purchases.

Correct Answer: B

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