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The Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions exam assesses the mastery of HPE infrastructure strategy, including SMB server, storage, networking, and management tools, as well as its basic building technology knowledge.

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Updated HP HPE0-V14 Exam Questions – Free


A customer just purchased a ProLiant DL385Gemo Plus and warns 10 teams more about HPE intelligent Provisioning features. Which task can the customer complete using HPE Intelligent Provisioning?

A. configure OS networking
B. install supported ESXt operating system
C. configure iLO Federation groups
D. deploy OS patches

Correct Answer: D


You are installing new drives into the internal cage of an HPE ProLiant DL380 server. How is the drive device number set?

A. The Smart Array controller assigns the device number automatically based on the bay
B. HPE OneView uses the server profile to assign the device number
C. The operating system assigns the device number automatically based on the driver installation order
D. You must use Smart Storage Administrator to assign the device number

Correct Answer: A


What is the correct cable type to use when connecting a pair of switches using Long Range (LR) Transceivers?

A. Direct Attach Cable (DAC)
B. Twin-Ax
C. Single-Mode Fiber
D. Multi-mode Fiber

Correct Answer: C

Single-mode uses a single relatively straight beam of light, transmitted directly through a core of glass (or occasionally plastic) that\\’s usually 50 microns across. Single-mode accommodates large power levels and is almost exclusively used for Long Range (LR) applications.

Reference: https://info.hummingbirdnetworks.com/blog/answering-your-frequently-asked


You are designing a solution to run a Citrix XenDesktop workload. Which HPE planning and designing resource contains a detailed example of this type of solution, including a list of all the hardware and software components?

A. Sales Builder for Windows
B. Product Bulletin
C. Smart Selling Tool
D. Reference Architecture

Correct Answer: D


A small, expanding law firm wants to replace its single Windows server
The server will be kept in their library without a rack. They want a server that allows for internal storage growth and is capable of adding PCI adapters. Which HPE server model type should you recommend?


Correct Answer: D


A customer has a small business office and is concerned that the local storage in their current ProLiant Gen 10 server with a Linux OS reaching maximum capacity Which solution should you recommend to expand the customer\\’s data storage capacity?

A. StoreEver
B. StoreOnce
C. SimpliVity
D. D3000

Correct Answer: D


A customer needs a new environment to support an ERP system. The sizing information you received shows the following requirements:

1. 3 servers with quad processors, 256 GB RAM, and 10Gb dual-port NICs with 10 TB of high-performance shared storage
2. cloud-based performance monitoring and analytics
3. The customer prefers rack-mounted equipment.
Identify the components that will meet the customer’s requirements, then drag the correct components on the left to their appropriate location in the environment on the right.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


A solution integrator is installing new data center components including an HPE G2 Advanced Rack with two Standard Series G2 PDUs A customer observing the installation process questions whether there will be sufficient power for additional equipment that may be added in the future.

How should the solution integrator respond?

A. HPE G2 Advanced racks allow additional PDUs to be added if additional equipment requires more outlets or more available power
B. HPE Standard Series G2 PDUs allow additional inlet power cords to support additional equipment in the future.
C. HPE PDUs support elevated temperatures up to 75 (1673F), in case the additional equipment power draw results in increased heat generation.
D. Two HPE Standard G2 PDUs will support 42U of racked equipment, so any equipment added in the future will be accommodated by the current PDU configuration

Correct Answer: D


A customer requires five HPE ProLiant servers that will be mounted in a rack and shipped from site to site All servers must be online within an hour of site arrival Which feature will ensure that the servers will be available to the business if travel motion has damaged a DIMM?

A. HPE Fast Fault Tolerance Memory protection
B. Triple+ Parity RAID protection
C. Flash Back Write Cache battery protection
D. HPE Active Health System Integration

Correct Answer: A


A customer Has a data center with third-party routers and firewalls You are designing a new data center network switch architecture consisting of FlexFabric switching for the data network and ArubaOS-Switch switching for the out-of-band management network.

The customer needs a network management platform with the capabilities to manage and monitor the entire environment Which management platform meets the customer’s requirements?

A. Aruba Central
B. HPE OneView
D. Aruba Airwave

Correct Answer: C


What should you install with a server for a customer who may need to perform maintenance on the server while it is on the rack? (Select two.)

A. Cable Management Arm (CMA)
B. redundant PDUs
C. high-performance fan kit
D. rack stabilization kit
E. blanking panels

Correct Answer: AD


Exhibit: Which HPE ProLiant Server meets the customer\\’s requirements?

Which HPE ProLiant Server meets the customer\\’s requirements?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Correct Answer: B


Which component of HPE iLO provides continuous monitoring of more than 1600 parameters?

A. insight Diagnostics
B. Active Health System
C. Insight Remote Support
D. Silicon root of trust

Correct Answer: B


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