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Latest Free Questions for HPE2-N68 PDF Dumps


You have an Ezmejal Container Platform solution that manages an internally created Kubernetes cluster. The cluster uses AD for Its authentication settings, and users can successfully log into the platform with their domain credentials.

You have created a Tenant on the cluster which has the “AI/ML project” setting enabled it. You have also created a Notebook cluster within that project. However, users receive an error when they try to log into the Notebook endpoint (Jupyter Hub) with their domain credentials. What should you check?

A. That the users have a manually created external account that assigns them to the Cluster Admin role in the cluster
B. That the Notebook cluster has a “cluster” connection to the AD server hostname
C. That the users have a manually created external account that assigns them to the Admin status in the AI/ML Project
D. That the Notebook cluster has a “secret” connection with this value: “hpecp-ext-auth- secret”

Correct Answer: A


What Is one way that the HPE EzmeralContainer Platform helps customers to reduce costs?

A. By making it easy to install bare metal Kubernetes hosts and clusters, it eliminates the costs of many virtualization licenses.
B. It embeds all control plane functions in the same host systems that run container workers, reducing hardware costs.
C. It includes its own container orchestration software so that customers do not have to purchase expensive Kubernetes licenses.
D. It provides a streamlined solution with fewer components than typical DIY Kubernetes, reducing hardware and operational costs.

Correct Answer: C


How does the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform regulate the use of GPUs on EPIC hosts?

A. It lets Tenant Admins create flavors, which specify the number of GPUs required by a virtual node using that flavor.
B. It creates virtual GPUs and allocates these virtual GPUs to the virtual nodes that request them.
C. It allows Site Admins to reserve a certain number of GPUs for the tenant within an EPIC tenant\\’s settings.

Correct Answer: A


You are creating an EPIC Tenant on the Ezmeral Container Platform.
When would you grant the Cluster Superuser privilege to Tenant Admins?
A. The Tenant Admins need rights to multiple tenants, and you do not want to give these users Site Admin rights.
B. The Tenant Admins need additional rights to set up persistent storage for certain applications.
C. The Tenant Admins need to access the App Store and download apps for the tenant.
D. The Tenant Admins require root access to run ActionScripts on virtual clusters.

Correct Answer: C


What Is the arbiter\\’s role in the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform?
A. Direct the shadow controller to begin managing the platform if the controller fails
B. Monitor the gateway and notify the administrator if a critical error occurs
C. Detect if the controller or shadow controller has failed and begin managing the platform
D. Load balance requests sent to the controller and shadow controller
Correct Answer: A


What Is the purpose of the training stage in the ML lifecycle?

A. The ML application applies a model to the data and tests the effectiveness of that model.
B. The ML application gathers data and applies an algorithm to prepare the data for use.
C. The ML algorithm assesses different datasets and selects the best data for use in later stages.
D. The ML algorithm processes a dataset and learns to perform a task.

Correct Answer: B


What is a setting that you are allowed to change after you deploy a Kubernetes cluster?

A. The number of hosts assigned to a role
B. The type (data fabric or non-data fabric)
C. The pod network range
D. The authentication settings

Correct Answer: A


You want to connect a Kubernetes pod to a Persistent Volume (PV). What step must you complete before creating the pod?

A. Create a Volume to link to the PV.
B. Create a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC).
C. Create a PV definition on a backend storage array.
D. Enable persistence in the Kubernetes namespace.

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit

You are logged in as a Tenant Admin named “admin 1.” You have uploaded a file into the location shown In the exhibit. Now you want to apply that tile from the Web Terminal. How do you obtain access to the file in the Web Terminal?

A. Copy the file to the Web Terminal using the scp@admin 1:/TenantShare/apps/ command within the terminal.
B. Set up a Source Control that references both the Web Terminal and the TenantShare.
C. Set up a Data Tap between the Web Terminal and the TenantShare/apps directory.
D. Access the file in the Web Terminal\’s “/bd-fs-mnt/TenantShare/apps” directory.

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibits.

You want the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform gateway to provide external access to the service shown in the exhibit. The service is deployed in the Kubernetes Tenant tor which the exhibit shows the settings. However, it is not currently doing so. What correction must you make to achieve this goal?

A. Reapply the service object with the “Port type” changed to “ClusterlP” and a valid cluster IP specified.
B. Check which ports are available on the gateway. Specify one of those ports as the “nodePort” in the service and reapply it.
C. Select the “Enable Istio Service Mesh” option In the Kubernetes Tenant options; then reapply the service object.
D. Reapply the service object with the “hpecp.hpe.com/hpecp-internal-gateway” label set to “true” in the metadata.

Correct Answer: D


A Tenant Member plans to use KubeDirettor to deploy a Spark 2.4.5 cluster. You need to give cluster members access to data stored in a volume In Ezmeral Data Fabric. What are the two required steps?

A. A Tenant Admin must add another role to the Spark 2.4.5 application for the DTaP sidecar.
B. The Tenant Member must specify the “hpecp.hpe.com/dtap: hadoop2” pod label under each role when running the cluster.
C. The Tenant Member must create an FS mount to the volume\’s mount path.
D. A Tenant Admin must create a DataTap to the volume\’s mount path.
E. The Tenant Member must reference the Data Fabric namespace when running the cluster.

Correct Answer: DE


You need to enable the Al/ML project option for a Kubernetes tenant on the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform. What Is a requirement?

A. That the Kubernetes cluster for the tenant is running Kubernetes version 1.18.6 or above
B. That the Ezmeral ML Ops Installation package was run on the platform and cluster before the tenant was added
C. That the platform has enough available Ezmeral ML Ops licenses to match the core quota on the tenant
D. That the Kubernetes cluster for the tenant has both Spark operator and Istio enabled on it

Correct Answer: C


How are resources allocated to EPIC virtual nodes?

A. Tenant Admins create and edit flavors to define resource requests, and Tenant Members select the flavors for virtual nodes they create.
B. The platform provides three default flavors to define how resources are allocated, and only Site Admins can edit those flavors.
C. Site Admins use templates to define resources for virtual nodes, and Tenant Admins can edit these templates.
D. Tenant Admins create and edit templates to define how resources are allocated, and Tenant Members can view, use, and edit those templates.

Correct Answer: B


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