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HP HPE2-T37 Dumps Free – Try The Latest HPE2-T37 Exam Questions

Q1 – New

You want a server profile to be automatically applied when an HPE Synergy Compute Module is replaced.
Click the appropriate configuration option.
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:

Reference: https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=a00100026en_usanddocLocale=en_US

Q2 – New

Which statement about server hardware types is true?

A. Once selected in the server profile, the server hardware type cannot be changed, and a server profile can be moved only between the same type of servers
B. Server hardware type can be defined only for HPE Synergy and HPE BladeSystem, but it cannot be defined for HPE ProLiant or Apollo systems
C. Administrator has to manually define the server hardware type for any unique server architecture and mezzanine card combination
D. The server hardware type is automatically created when a server with unique architecture and mezzanine card configuration is added to HPE OneView

Correct Answer: A

Q3 – New

Click the option from the HPE OneView main menu that will allow you to define UPS or other components that will work as a placeholder in a rack system.
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:

Q4 – New

You want to put two FlexNlCs into a single Link Aggregation Group within a server profile. What Is a prerequisite for this setup?

A. The sFlow option must be enabled and configured.
B. Both FlexNlCs must be connected to the same network.
C. The Compute Module profile must have exactly two connections defined.
D. An upgrade license must be purchased and deployed.

Correct Answer: B

Q5 – New

You originally configured the boot mode for the HPE ProLiant Gen10 server to `Legacy BIOS\\’ in an HPE OneView server profile and deployed an operating system. A few weeks later, you change the boot mode to the `UEFI optimized\\’ to leverage some features provided by this mode. What must you do next?

A. reset an iLO management processor to activate the new boot mode for the server
B. reinstall an operating system, as UEFI is using different drive format than Legacy BIOS
C. reset BIOS settings to the defaults so UEFI settings can be applied
D. reset BIOS settings to the defaults through the server profile after changing the boot mode

Correct Answer: A

Q6 – New

Click the option that will allow you to select a FlexNIC function for the specified connection.
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:

Q7 – New

Your customer wants to optimize GenlO servers for a virtualization workload by configuring all of them with a specific workload profile in the BIOS. All of the servers are managed using HPE OneView. How can this task be completed?

A. Set a specific workload profile within the Logical Interconnect Group and update all servers.
B. Set a specific workload profile for all managed servers as an HPE OneView global setting.
C. Set a specific workload profile within the server profile template and update all profiles.
D. Set a specific workload profile using the IL0 interface for each individual server.

Correct Answer: C

Q8 – New

Which statement about the volume template is true?

A. Users will be able to change sharing type and volume capacity
B. A volume created using this template will not support deduplication
C. A volume created using this template mil not support snapshots
D. Users will be able to select storage pool during volume creation

Correct Answer: A

Q9 – New

Where is the association between an HPE OneView network and uplink port defined?

A. Within an Enclosure Group definition
B. Within an HPE OneView network definition
C. At the network set level
D. At the Logical Interconnect Group level

Correct Answer: D

Q10 – New

Your customer has an environment with five HPE Synergy Composers and 15 HPE OneView appliances managing servers that run VMware. The customer is having a hard time managing their servers. What can the customer do to simplify management of this complex environment?

A. deploy HPE OneView for VMware vCenter Server
B. deploy HPE OneView Global Dashboard
C. use an Ansible playbook
D. integrate all HPE OneView appliances and HPE Composers with Active Directory

Correct Answer: A

Q11 – New

As a part of troubleshooting, you have to reinstall the same version of the firmware on an HPE Synergy Compute Module. Click the area within the Firmware section of the server profile that will allow you to install the same firmware version.

Q12 – New

Your customer is considering HPE Synergy as a hardware platform for virtualization workload. The customer environment is very dynamic, and they often have to modify hypervisor networking.
Which resource provided by HPE should you discuss with this customer?

A. HPE OneView Global Dashboard allows server profile replication and change management
B. HPE OneView for VMware vCenter Server will enable host profile functionality and simplify changes
C. PowerShell Library for HPE OneView allows scripted environment modification
D. HPE Image Streamer provides templates which can be updated to map the hypervisor requirements

Correct Answer: C

Q13 – New

What is required to add a remote frame to the primary management ring?

A. UUD of the remote HPE Composer
B. Serial number of one of the remote frames
C. Remote frame Link Module IPv6 address
D. Request code from the primary HPE Composer

Correct Answer: D

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