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Important learning resources to focus on:
  • Aruba Advanced ClearPass Troubleshooting and Solutions, Rev. 20.41
  • Aruba ClearPass Essentials, Rev. 20.11

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Latest HPE6-A81 Exam Free Questions:


Refer to the exhibit:

What could be causing the error message received on the OnGuard client?

A. The Service Selection Rules for the service are not configured correctly
B. The Web-Based Health Check service needs to be configured to use the Posture Policy
C. There is a firewall policy not allowing the OnGuard Agent to connect to ClearPass
D. The client\’s OnGuard Agent has not been configured with the correct Policy Manager Zone

Correct Answer: D


Which statements are true about Aruba’s downloadable user roles? (Select three.)

A. Can be applied only on ports or WLAN users authenticated by ClearPass.
B. Aruba downloadable user roles are universally available across the environment
C. Aruba downloadable user role is a built-in enforcement template in ClearPass
D. Downloadable role names must be defined in Aruba switch or controller
E. Can use these roles for other authentication methods not involving ClearPass
F. Administering downloadable user roles can be difficult for a large enterprise

Correct Answer: ADE


Refer to the exhibit:

Your company has a Postgres SQL database with the MAC addresses of the company-owned tablets You
have configured a role mapping condition to tag the SQL devices. When one of the tablets connects to the network, it does not get the correct role and receives a denied access profile. How would you resolve the issue?

A. Remove SQL condition from role mapping policy and add it under the enforcement policy conditions.
B. Edit the SQL authentication source niter attributes and modify the SQL server filter query.
C. Add the SQL server as an authentication source and map .t under the authentication tab in the service.
D. Enable the authorization tab in the service and add the SQL server as an authorization source.

Correct Answer: B


A corporate ClearPass Cluster with two servers located at a single site has both Management and Data port IP addresses configured. The Management port IPs are in the DataCenter networks subnet, while the Data port IPs are in the DMZ. What is the difference between using one Virtual IP for the AAA traffic versus sending AAA requests to the physical IPs for each server? (Select two.)

A. The failover can be accomplished only by using Virtual IP.
B. Individual IPs can provide failover and load balancing.
C. One Virtual IP can be used together with the individual server IPs for load balancing.
D. By using the Virtual IP, the failover convergence is faster than using individual server IPs.
E. Using one Virtual IP can provide failover and load balancing.

Correct Answer: BE


Refer to the exhibit:

A customer has configured Onboard and Windows devices to work as expected but cannot get the Apple iOS devices to Onboard successfully. Where would you look to troubleshoot the Issued (Select two)
A. Check if the ClearPass HTTPS server certificate installed on the server is issued by a trusted commercial certificate authority.
B. Check if the customer installed the internal PKl Root certificate presented by ClearPass during the provisioning process.
C. Check if a DNS entry is available for the ClearPass hostname in the certificate, resolvable from the DNS server assigned to the client.
D. Check if the customer has Instated a custom HTTPS certificate for IDS and another internal PKl HTTPS certificate for other devices.
E. Check if the customer has installed the same internal PKl signed RADIUS server certificate as the HTTPS server certificate.

Correct Answer: AC


You are deploying ClearPass Policy Manager with Guest functionality for a customer with multiple Aruba Networks Mobility Controllers The customer wants to avoid SSL errors during guest access but due to company security policy cannot use a wildcard certificate on ClearPass or the Controllers. What is the most efficient way to configure the customer’s guest solution? (Select two.)

A. Build multiple Web Login pages with vendor settings configured for each controller
B. Install the same public certificate on all Controllers with the common name “controller {company domain}”
C. Build one Web Login page with vendor settings for controller {company domain)
D. Install multiple public certificates with a different Common Name on each controller

Correct Answer: AB


While configuring a guest solution, the customer is requesting that guest users receive access for four hours from their first login. Which Guest Account Expiration would you select?

A. expire_after
B. do_expire
C. expire_time
D. expire_ post login

Correct Answer: A


Under Onboard management and control, which option will deny the user from re-provisioning the device a second time?

A. Revoke and Delete certificate
B. Delete user
C. Revoke certificate
D. Delete certificate

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit: You have configured Onboard but me customer could not onboard one of his devices and has sent you the above screenshots. How could you resolve the issue?

A. Instruct the user to delete the profile on one of their other BYOD devices.
B. Instruct the user to run the Quick connect application in Sponsor Mode.
C. Increase the maximum number of devices allowed by the individual user account.
D. Increase the maximum number of devices that all users can provision to 3.

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit:

A customer with multiple Aruba Controllers has just installed a new certificate for “*.customerdomain com” on all Aruba Controllers. While testing the existing guest Self-Registration page the customer noticed that the logins are failing. While troubleshooting they are finding no entries in the Event Viewer or Access Tracker for the tests.

Suspecting that the Aruba Controllers may not be properly posting the credentials from the guest browser, they open the NAS Vendor Settings for the Guest Self-Registration Page. From the screen shown, how can you fix the errors?

A. Change the “IP Address: field to” securelogin.customerdomain.com.
B. Change the “Secure Login:” field to “Use Vendor Default”.
C. Change the “IP Address field to “captive portal-login.customerdomain.com”.
D. Add PTR records on the DNS server for “securelogin.arubanetworks.com”.

Correct Answer: B


What type of EAP certificate are you able to use on ClearPass? (Select two.)

A. Self-signed, when all the clients are Onboarded with the same Root CA as the Self-signed certificate.
B. Private signed when the clients are onboarded or are part of the organization domain.
C. Private signed when some clients are onboarded and some are not part of the organization.
D. Public signed when not all of the clients are part of the organization’s domain.
E. Self-signed, when all the clients are part of the organization’s domain.

Correct Answer: CD


Refer to the exhibit: You configuring an 802 1x service endpoint profiling. When the client connects to the network, ClearPass successfully profiles the client and sends a Radius Change of Authorization (RCoA) but the Radius Change of Authorization {RCoA) fails for the client You manually clicked on the Change Status button in the access tracker to force an RCoA but that failed too. What must you check to ensure that the RCoA will work? (Select two.)

A. RFC 3576 option is enabled for Aruba Controller under Network device in ClearPass.
B. RFC 3576 server should be mapped in the server group on the Aruba Controller
C. The RFC 3576 shared secret on ClearPass should match the Authentication Server shared secret
D. RFC 3576 server IPs and the Authentication server IPs should be the same in the AAA profile

Correct Answer: AC


Refer to the exhibit:

What is true about the Insight Master Server? {Select two)

A. It Is recommended to have an insight server for every zone to limit the traffic between sites.
B. The Publisher is selected by default as Insight Master Server but It can be changed.
C. There is no need to configure an insight Master Server when using default reports and alerts.
D. An insight Master Server should be selected in order to configure reports and alerts.
E. When enabling a server to be the insight Master any existing insight Master is overwritten.

Correct Answer: BD

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