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What do you know about the IBM Watson IoT Maximo Solution Architect V1 exam?

Exam C1000-047: IBM Watson IoT Maximo Solutions Architect V1

IBM Certified Solution Architect - Watson IoT Maximo V1

Abbreviation: C1000-047
Number of questions: 61
Number of questions to pass: 41
Time allowed: 90 minutes
Exam online resources:
IoT – Optimize Equipment with AI, an introduction
Maximo (Enterprise) Asset Management Knowledge Center (EAM)
Maximo 7.6 Database Configuration
Maximo 7.6 New Features
Maximo Anywhere
Maximo Anywhere Overview
Maximo Asset Management
Maximo Asset Performance Management – APM for Energy and Utilities (APM4EU)
Maximo Asset Performance Management – Asset Health Insights (MAHI/AHI)
Maximo Asset Performance Management – Equipment Maintenance Assistant (EMA)
Maximo Contract Management
Maximo Corrective Maintenance
Maximo Domains
Maximo Inventory Items
Maximo Inventory Management
Maximo Multi-Site/Organization
Maximo Safety Management
Maximo Scheduler
Maximo Scheduler Plus
Maximo Security Model
Maximo Workflow
Maximo Workforce Management
Maximo for Aviation
Maximo for HSE
Maximo for Nuclear Power
Maximo for Oil and Gas
Maximo for Utilities
Planning for Maximo Multisite
Certification: IBM Certified Solution Architect – Watson IoT Maximo V1
Language version: English, Japanese
Price per exam: $200

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Free C1000-047 Exam Questions (2022)


Which two features are available through Automation Scripting?

A. creation of REST APIs
B. creation of lookups
C. creation of new object structures
D. automated documentation
E. creation of Java class file

Correct Answer: CE


When abnormal behavior is detected for an asset, what does this mean?

A. a part has been damaged and should be replaced
B. a deviation from normal behavior has occurred and should be investigated
C. an asset is due to preventive maintenance work
D. the asset has reached the end of useful life and should be decommissioned

Correct Answer: A


Which statement is true about the Graphical Appointment Book application?

A. A customer service rep can split an assignment based on labor availability.
B. A customer service rep can schedule a work order based on resource load versus availability.
C. A customer service rep can make an appointment for a service request.
D. A customer service rep can make an appointment for a work order.

Correct Answer: C


Which statement is true regarding Maximo Organizations?

A. Organizations can be linked to multiple Item Sets to facilitate item sharing.
B. Multiple organizational business units can be managed in Maximo as long as all have the same Chart of Accounts.
C. Multiple organizational business units can be managed in Maximo as long as they report in the same currency.
D. Organizations with different General Ledger (GL) Account structures can be accommodated in the same Maximo Database.

Correct Answer: C


Which method(s) does Maximo Asset Management use to provide users access to applications?

A. Only group-level access
B. Authorization only
C. Authentication only
D. Authentication and authorization

Correct Answer: A


What reporting tool is included in Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)?

A. D3
B. Business Objects
C. Cognos Business Intelligence

Correct Answer: D


Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) supports which GIS system, for spatial data management?

A. Intergraph/Hexagon Geospatial
B. GE Smallworld
D. Any GIS which supports the OpenLayers API

Correct Answer: D


During a regular inspection, the vibration meter is causing a bad health score, what action should be taken from the Reliability Engineer Work center in Maximo Asset Health Insights (MAHI)?

A. generate a job plan
B. create a change request
C. create a work order
D. change the PM schedule

Correct Answer: C


What should be installed on the developer’s workstation in order to customize a Maximo Anywhere application?

A. Mobile First Application Center
B. NodeJS
C. Maximo D. Mobile First Studio

Correct Answer: A


Which communication method is used to handle the integration between Maximo and Maximo Anywhere?

A. Resource Description Framework (RDF)
B. Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC)
C. Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT)
D. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Correct Answer: B


If the ITEM table in Maximo contains translatable columns, what would be the format of the translatable table in the database?


Correct Answer: B


What is the DEFLTREG group used for in Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)?

A. allows users access to default EAM functionality
B. allows users to change their passwords
C. allows users to self-register into Maximo EAM
D. allows users to customize their Ul experience

Correct Answer: A


Which two ways can Weather data impact an Asset Health Score?

A. Score can be impacted by humidity.
B. Score can be impacted by the weather forecast.
C. Score can be impacted by the season.
D. Score can be impacted by temperature.
E. Score cannot be impacted by weather.

Correct Answer: BC

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