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Real Cisco 300-715 SISE Practice Exam ( Questions Q1-Q15)


Which permission is common to the Active Directory Join and Leave operations?

A. Create a Cisco ISE machine account in the domain if the machine account does not already exist
B. Remove the Cisco ISE machine account from the domain.
C. Set attributes on the Cisco ISE machine account
D. Search Active Directory to see if Cisco ISE machine accounts are already ex. sts.

Correct Answer: D


Which statement about configuring certificates for BYOD is true?

A. An Android endpoint uses EST, whereas other operating systems use SCEP for enrollment
B. The SAN field is populated with the end user name.
C. An endpoint certificate is mandatory for the Cisco ISE BYOD
D. The CN field is populated with the endpoint hostname

Correct Answer: C


Which valid external identity source can be used with Cisco ISE?

A. IPsec VPN authentication
B. smart card
C. local user name and password
D. TACACS+ token

Correct Answer: B


Drag the Cisco ISE node types from the left onto the appropriate purposes on the right.

Monitoring = provides advanced monitoring and troubleshooting tools that you can use to effectively manage your
network and resources
Policy Service = provides network access, posture, guest access, client provisioning, and profiling services.
This persona evaluates the policies and makes all the decisions.
Administration = manages all system-related configuration and configurations that relate to functionality such as
authentication, authorization, auditing, and so on pxGrid = shares context-sensitive information from Cisco ISE to


Which default endpoint identity group does an endpoint that does not match any profile in Cisco ISE become a member of?

A. Endpoint
B. unknown
C. blacklist
D. white list
E. profiled

Correct Answer: B

If you do not have a matching profiling policy, you can assign an unknown profiling policy. The endpoint is therefore
profiled as Unknown. The endpoint that does not match any profile is grouped within the Unknown identity group. The
endpoint profiled to the Unknown profile requires that you create a profile with an attribute or a set of attributes collected for that endpoint.


What must be configured on the Cisco ISE authentication policy for unknown MAC addresses/identities for a successful

A. pass
B. reject
C. drop
D. continue

Correct Answer: D


Drag the steps to configure a Cisco ISE node as a primary administration node from the left into the correct order on the night.
Select and Place:
w_Step 1

Choose Administration > System > Deployment.
The Register button will be disabled initially. To enable this button, you must configure a Primary PAN.
Step 2
Check the check box next to the current node, and click Edit.
Step 3
Click Make Primary to configure your Primary PAN.
Step 4
Enter data on the General Settings tab.
Step 5
Click Save to save the node configuration.


An engineer is configuring a virtual cisco ISE deployment and needs each persona to be on a different node. which
persona should be configured with the largest amount of storage in this environment?

A. Monitoring and troubleshooting
B. Policy Service
C. Primary administration
D. Platform Exchange grid

Correct Answer: A


Which port does Cisco ISE use for native supplicant provisioning of a Windows laptop?

A. TCP 8909
B. TCP 8905
C. CUDP 1812
D. TCP 443

Correct Answer: A


What does the dot1x system-auth-control command do?

A. causes a network access switch not to track 802.1x sessions
B. globally enables 802.1x
C. enables 802.1x on a network access device interface
D. causes a network access switch to track 802.1x sessions

Correct Answer: B


Which protocol must be allowed for a BYOD device to access the BYOD portal?


Correct Answer: C


An engineer is configuring Cisco ISE and needs to dynamically identify the network endpoints and ensure that endpoint access is protected. Which service should be used to accomplish this task?

A. Guest access
B. Profiling
C. Posture
D. Client provisioning

Correct Answer: B


The default Cisco ISE node configuration has which role or roles enabled by default?

A. Administration only
B. Inline Posture only
C. Administration and Pokey Service
D. Policy Service Monitoring, and Administration

Correct Answer: D


In a standalone Cisco ISE deployment, which two personas are configured on a node? (Choose two.)

A. publisher
B. administration
C. primary
D. policy service
E. subscriber

Correct Answer: BD


The profiling data from network access devices is sent to which Cisco ISE node?

A. Monitoring node
B. Administration node
C. Inline Posture node
D. Policy Service node

Correct Answer: D

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