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Exam Code: 70-53370-533 pdf
Exam Name: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
Updated: Mar 05, 2017
Q&As: 131
Published: September 4, 2014
Languages: English, Japanese
Audiences:IT professionals
Technology: Microsoft Azure
Credit toward certification: MCP, Microsoft Specialist
Exam Information:https://www.pass4itsure.com/70-533.html

Where to find Study Materials for 70-533?

  • Pass4itsure has a class for this exam at Azure IaaS for IT Pros training course . The site is a great course. You will still need to do some studying especially on the networking part but the video format is very easy to consume.
  • Early Experts is a great program. Check out Early Experts Exam Study Guide for 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. In particular, Pass4itsure has a document on her OneDrive that you can download that will give you links to all the information you need to pass this 70-533 exam.

Should you take the exam?

  • Have experience implementing and monitoring cloud and hybrid solutions.
  • Have experience supporting application lifecycle management.

If you are an Infrastructure Geek, Developer or Software Architect looking to validate your Microsoft skills then this exam is for you. Also note that Microsoft expects you above.

Latest 70-533 PDF  Exam Questions and Answers Updated (March 2017)#1-7

Question No : 1 You administer an Azure Web Site named contosoweb that is used to sell various products.
Contosoweb experiences heavy traffic during weekends.
You need to analyze the response time of the product catalog page during peak times,
from different locations.
What should you do?
A. Configure endpoint monitoring.
B. Add the Requests metric.
C. Turn on Failed Request Tracing.
D. Turn on Detailed Error Messages.
Answer: A
Endpoint monitoring configures web tests from geo-distributed locations that test response
time and uptime of web URLs. The test performs an HTTP get operation on the web URL
to determine the response time and uptime from each location. Each configured location
runs a test every five minutes.
After you configure endpoint monitoring, you can drill down into the individual endpoints to
view details response time and uptime status over the monitoring interval from each of the
test location

70-533 pdf Question No : 2  Your company network has two physical locations configured in a geo-clustered
environment. You create a Blob storage account in Azure that contains all the data
associated with your company.
You need to ensure that the data remains available in the event of a site outage.
hich storage option should you enable?
A. Locally redundant storage
B. Geo-redundant storage
C. Zone-redundant storage
D. Read-only geo-redundant storage
Answer: D
Introducing Read-only Access to Geo Redundant Storage (RA-GRS):
RA-GRS allows you to have higher read availability for your storage account by providing
“read only” access to the data replicated to the secondary location. Once you enable this
feature, the secondary location may be used to achieve higher availability in the event the
data is not available in the primary region. This is an “opt-in” feature which requires the
storage account be geo-replicated.

70-533 pdf Question No : 3 DRAG DROP  You have a solution deployed into a virtual network in Azure named fabVNet. The fabVNet
virtual network has three subnets named Apps, Web, and DB that are configured as shown
in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibits button.)
70-533 pdf

70-533 pdf

You want to deploy two new VMs to the DB subnet.
You need to modify the virtual network to expand the size of the DB subnet to allow more
IP addresses.
Which three steps should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate
actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.

70-533 pdf

70-533 pdf

Box 1: Empty and delete the DB Subnet.
Box 2: Create the DB subnet to be larger.
Box 3: Recreate the Virtual Network as now required.
Note (which seems to indicate that only two steps would be required):
* Q: Can I modify my virtual network size after I created them?
A: You can add, remove, expand or shrink a subnet if there are no VMs or services
deployed within it by using PowerShell cmdlets or the NETCFG file.
* Q: Can I modify subnets after I created them?
A: You can modify the subnet addresses as long as there are no services or VMs deployed
within them by using PowerShell cmdlets or the NETCFG file. You cannot modify or delete
a subnet once services or VMs have been deployed to it.

Question No : 4

Your company has two cloud services named CS01 and CS02. You create a virtual
machine (VM) in CS02 named Accounts.
You need to ensure that users in CS01 can access the Accounts VM by using port 8080.
What should you do?
A. Create a firewall rule.
B. Configure load balancing.
C. Configure port redirection.
D. Configure port forwarding.
E. Create an end point.
Answer: E
All virtual machines that you create in Azure can automatically communicate using a
private network channel with other virtual machines in the same cloud service or virtual
network. However, other resources on the Internet or other virtual networks require
endpoints to handle the inbound network traffic to the virtual machine.

70-533 pdf Question No : 5  A company has an Azure subscription with four virtual machines (VM) that are provisioned
in an availability set. The VMs support an existing web service. The company expects
additional demand for the web service. You add 10 new VMs to the environment.
You need to configure the environment.
How many Update Domains (UDs) and Fault Domains (FDs) should you create?
A. 2 UDs and 5 FDs
B. 5 UDs and 2 FDs
C. 14 UDs and 2 FDs
D. 14 UDs and 14 FDs
Answer: B
70-533 pdf Question No : 6  You administer an Azure solution that uses a virtual network named FabVNet. FabVNet
has a single subnet named Subnet-1.
You discover a high volume of network traffic among four virtual machines (VMs) that are
part of Subnet-1.
You need to isolate the network traffic among the four VMs. You want to achieve this goal
with the least amount of downtime and impact on users.
What should you do?
A. Create a new subnet in the existing virtual network and move the four VMs to the new
B. Create a site-to-site virtual network and move the four VMs to your datacenter.
C. Create a new virtual network and move the VMs to the new network.
D. Create an availability set and associate the four VMs with that availability set.
Answer: C

Question No : 7  Your company network includes users in multiple directories.
You plan to publish a software-as-a-service application named SaasApp1 to Azure Active
You need to ensure that all users can access SaasApp1.
What should you do?
A. Configure the Federation Metadata URL
B. Register the application as a web application.
C. Configure the application as a multi-tenant.

D. Register the application as a native client application.
Answer: C
* When you get deeper into using Windows Azure Active Directory, you’ll run into new
terminology. For instance, is called “directory” is also referred to as a Windows Azure AD
Tenant or simply as “tenant.” This stems from the fact that WAAD ()Windows Azure Active
Directory is a shared service for many clients. In this service, every client gets its own
separate space for which the client is the tenant. In the case of WAAD this space is a
directory. This might be a little confusing, because you can create multiple directories, in
WAAD terminology multiple tenants, even though you are a single client.
* Multitenant Applications in Azure
A multitenant application is a shared resource that allows separate users, or “tenants,” to
view the application as though it was their own. A typical scenario that lends itself to a
multitenant application is one in which all users of the application may wish to customize
the user experience but otherwise have the same basic business requirements. Examples
of large multitenant applications are Office 365, Outlook.com, and visualstudio.com.

70-533 pdf

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