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Exam Code: 200-355
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals
Q&As: 378

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200-355 dumps

Which architecture is used to divide the roles between the access point and the WLC when deploying a
centralized wireless solution?
A. Split MAC
D. Local MAC
200-355 exam 
Correct Answer: A
A customer is reviewing Cisco Prime Infrastructure to identify malicious rogue access points that are
operating within the customer environment. Which dashboard in Cisco Prime Infrastructure displays this
information by default?
A. Context Aware
B. CleanAir
C. Security
D. General
Correct Answer: C
When an AP, in its default configuration mode, connects to a Cisco WLC, which methods are available for
remote management access to an AP?
A. SSL and SSH are available only after configuration by a Cisco WLC version 7.0.
B. SSH only
D. SSH and Telnet
E. SSH and Telnet are available only after configuration by a Cisco WLC version 7.0.
200-355 dumps 
Correct Answer: D
During the deployment of a wireless network for data and location services, an engineer is to fine-tune the
location services. What is this type of survey called?
A. passive fingerprinting
B. passive calibrating
C. active fingerprinting
D. active calibrating
Correct Answer: A
The goal of creating and using Notify User objects is (Choose all that apply)
(a) to deny access to a URL
(b) to deliver a splash page to the clients
(c) to warn a user before allowing access to a URL
A. a & b only
B. b & c only
C. All of the above
200-355 pdf
Correct Answer: B
What can be concluded about this request processing order?
A. ProxyAV Is accessed in ICAP REQMOD mode
B. ProxyAV is accessed ICAP RESPMOO mode
C. ProxySG with ProxyAV is deployed as a forward proxy
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following methods is NOT appropriate for the initial setup for a ProxySG 2010 series?
A. Serial console Cable
B. LCD Panel
C. Web Wizard accessing HTTPS port 8083
D. Blue Coat Director applying a profile
200-355 vce 
Correct Answer: B
The default policy for ProxySG is DENY. Network administrator creates a VPM policy allowing access to
some Web host only for certain users (see picture).
When installing this policy, ProxySG issues a warning that this rule will be ignored. What change can be
applied in order to fix this?

A. Add another rule to the Web Access layer creating an exception for users NOT allowed to access the
B. Add another Web Access layer and set its default action to Allow.
C. Add Web Authentication layer with a rule having Force Authenticate action.
D. Add Web content layer with a rule preventing serving content from ProxySG cache to unauthorized
Correct Answer: C
Which Instant Messaging proxies are available on the ProxySG? (Choose all that apply)
(a) AIM
(b) Jabber
(c) MSN
(d) Yahoo
A. a, b & c only
B. a, b & d only
C. A. c & d only
D. b. c & d only
E. All of the above
200-355 exam 
Correct Answer: C
In SGOS 5.3, what are the two versions that you can opt for? (Choose all that apply)
(a) Proxy Edition
(b) Full Edition
(c)WAN Opt Edition
(d) MACH5 Edition
A. b&c only
B. a, c & d only
C. c & d only
D. a & d only
Correct Answer: D
What ProxySG appliance has these default settings?
(a) Default policy is ALLOW
(b) Trust client destination IP is ON
(c) Tolerate HTTP errors is ON;
A. Proxy Edition
B. Reverse Proxy Edition
C. MACH5 Edition
D. Trial Edition
200-355 dumps 
Correct Answer: C
Which software product provides Web content filtering for windows and Mac OS computers, is locally
configurable, and can produce a barking sound, when user violates a filtering policy.
A. ProxyAV
B. Blue coat WebFilter
C. Blue Coat k9
D. Blue Coat Director
Correct Answer: C
What are “unmanaged endpoints’ which make the Blue Coat RA (Remote Access) appliance useful?
A. TCP connection sources or destinations, which are outside our LAN
B. Workstations, which need to be in a virtual private network, but VPN clients cannot beinstalled on them
C. Mobile user laptops, which are used in places not protected by ProxySG
D. Hosts without installed ProxyClient or with disabled ProxyClient
200-355 pdf 
Correct Answer: B
HTTP/1.1 supports pipelining – multiple related requests are written to a single TCP socket without waiting
for the responses to come back — i.e. the requests are done asynchronously in-parallel, instead of doing
them sequentially as usual (see picture). Some Web clients such as Opera and Firefox with FasterFox
plugin use HTTP pipelining. Assume that ProxySG Is deployed as a forward proxy listening on port 8080.
A. If an HTTP client tries to use pipelining, the use of proxy will break the HTTP protocol.
B. For those HTTP clients that use pipelining, the use of forward proxy would ensure faster response time
compared to the clients that do not use pipelining.
Correct Answer: B
If an error occurs during Proxy AV request or response processing, which of the following will occur?
A. The connection will be allowed
B. The connection will be denied
C. The response is determined by the ICAP object properties in policy
D. The response is determined by the ICAP configuration properties in the management console
200-355 vce 
Correct Answer: D
When the ProxySG 200’s power LED indicator alternates between green and amber, it means that the
system is booting.

A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B
Question No : 21
Which VI memory components are ALWAYS S resident for a SubVI? (Choose all apply)
A. Data Space
B. Front Panel
C. Block Diagram
D. Code
200-355 exam 
Answer: A,D
Question No : 22 Which of the following statements regarding Array constants are NOT true?
A. When you create an Array constant on the block diagram, it is not visible on the Front
B. You cannot resize an Array constant to include more than one element.
C. You can copy or drag an existing Array on the Front Panel to the Block Diagram to
create a constant of the same data type.
D. All array operations can be performed on an Array constant
200-355 dumps 
Answer: B
Question No : 23 In the figure below, what will Result equal when this calculation is executed?
A. 55
B. 70
C. 65
D. Indeterminate
Answer: B

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